By: Kevin T. Keeling

30 Minutes of Less is a pretty solid comedy. However, there are two points that make the film drag on. The first is a very slow start to the movie. It feels pretty dragged out and not a whole lot of jokes there at the beginning. The second point of failure is really unnecessary dialogue. Characters could easily say their lines without them being repeated or dragged out with unneeded profanity.

Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari, who play the leads in the film, are very comical with their performance, Ansari especially due to how much emotion he puts into his movements and body, while still maintaining the same expression with his mouth and eyes. Nick Swardson and Danny McBride, the antagonists who strap a bomb to Eisenberg’s chest, have very repetitive lines; extensive shouting of ass, pussy, dick, etc. and grows a tad annoying. I honestly have nothing against profanity, I think that curse words are part of our language and we have a right to use them. But when they are the only words your characters are spewing, and simply because saying the word ‘pussy’ is going to get you a cheap snicker, then it becomes unnecessary and crude.

Aside from cutting a few lines, 30 Minutes or Less stands as a good comedy, and not a movie to which a mother should take children (incredibly absent minded woman brought six young kids with her). I give the film 3.5/5.0


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