By: Kevin T. Keeling

Torchwood: Miracle Day’ feels really distant from the first few seasons; the first few seasons had episode long arcs or a two episode stretch, but this season plays out in more of an American drama fashion. That’s not to say that’s a bad thing; most of what I watch happens to be American dramas and Miracle Day felt more along the lines of LOST. The entire season is loaded with questions, who caused miracle day, why did they do it, etc. And, in answering one question, a whole slew of more need to be asked.

But, my love for LOST aside, I don’t believe that this format works too well for Torchwood, at least not right now. I believe that the series changed too much too quickly, and that created some tension between the fans of the first four seasons and Miracle Day, much like the debates between Tennant fans and Smith fans (both Doctors are great and they each have certain quirks to which the audience must get accustomed).

Overall, this season was okay, but not at its greatest. The dynamic change in the formula of the show made it a bit hard getting into, but the storyline and, for the most part, the acting was pretty good. I began questioning how the show would end after the discovery of the ‘Terra-Ginas,’ but, I have to say the ending was solid. The main problem, aside from the change of episode arcs to season arcs, is that every single person who joins the fight for Torchwood, winds up dying. The only exceptions to that are the previous members of Torchwood and new sideshow.

Editor’s Note: Terra-Ginas is a combination of the word Terra, which comes from Latin and is an old scientific name for Earth, and the word Vagina, is a part of a female’s anatomy. The contraction of the words stems directly from a visual within the final episodes of Torchwood: Miracle Day.

I hope that the next season gets a back to the old style, or at least fixed the kinks that this season had.


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