By: Kevin T. Keeling

First, I just want to say that watching a movie in the same room as the actors who starred in is a very surreal experience. It is hard to explain, but it almost feel invasive and voyeuristic. (I got to attend the World Premiere for Man of Steel. There I said it. I do not usually brag but I had to get it out there).

I did feel that this was a great film; great action, good story, and all around wonderful performances from the cast. However, I did find fault in it being a movie about Superman. There are elements of his mythos shifted, and some of his actions do not immediately seem like those of the comic book hero. But, considering that the movie DCU is quite different than the actual DCU, I still enjoyed it.

I did like all the hints and nods to future projects. You need to pay attention to little things like that. In a similar vein, there are subtle jokes littered throughout the movie that do not take away from the story, as they are not the focus of the scene, but work to lighten the tension and show that there can be a comical side to a situation, if you look for it.

My biggest peeve about the film, aside from the mythos reworking, was the obscene number of product placements. iHop, Sears, Budweiser, just to name a few. I understand that the movie needing some financial backing, but you do not have to shove it down the audience’s throats.

I give this movie 7/10.


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