Mad Max: Fury Road Review



By: Koushik Paul

Edited by: Anthony Zangrillo


Mad Max: Fury Road is one the most intense movies I have ever seen.  The smallest sliver of a backstory provides just enough information to set up this perfect action movie.  Without missing a beat, the film launches into an immense car chase that demonstrates the immersive practical effects assaulting viewers throughout this movie.


Admittedly, the movie includes a very thin plot, where Max (Tom Hardy) is caught in the middle of a tense situation, where Furiosa (Charlize Theron) took “property” from Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne).  Immortan Joe plays a great villain, as George Miller invokes brutal imagery to characterize the ruthlessness and true horror of the character. Surprisingly, Furiosa and Max felt like the least-fleshed out characters; however this fact doesn’t detract from the movie. In fact, the most fleshed out character is Nux (Nicholas Hoult), who has a much bigger role than the trailers would suggest.


The cinematography in this movie is world-class. Close up shots of Immortan Joe fully characterize the character’s horror-inducing fury, while the shot of Furiosa laying down in the sand illustrates her profound heartbreak. The cinematography and the score by Junkie XL are in perfect sync and really elevate all the emotion in the film, which is surprisingly strong, considering the thin plot.


Of course, the centerpieces of this film are the road combat sequences. Each stunt is masterfully choreographed, to the point where you feel every explosion and punch thrown.  I was impressed by one of the earlier fight scenes between Max and Furiosa, where luck factored more than strength. This conflict really emphasized the chaotic nature of this post-apocalyptic world.


Astonishingly, Miller’s world itself is so complex and detailed that audiences will actually believe there is no hope left. Each character represents a different ideal in the world like Max with survival and Furiosa with hope. The world and its characters actually make this movie seem like a psychological horror, yet the action is still front and center.


Mad Max Fury Road is a monumental achievement in the technicality of film-making. While there are no standout appearances, the movie does satisfy as a whole, leaving audiences in awe of the spectacular action and horrid world.


Score: 9/10


Anthony Zangrillo is the President and Owner of the Motion Picture Club. While an undergraduate student at NYU, he founded the Motion Picture Club. At the Fordham University School of Law, he was the Online Editor of the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal and started the IPLJ Podcast, which continues recording to this day. You can find him on Instagram: @anthony_mpc.


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