The Motion Picture Club is proud to present our interview with the director, writer, and stars of Tenured. This dark comedy centers around a foul-mouthed elementary school teacher recently left by his wife. He goes through a expansive journey in an attempt to win his wife back in a truly ridiculous feat. Tenured was based on a short film that premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2012.

Our correspondent, Anthony Zangrillo got to speak with the film’s director, Chris Modoono, writer and star, Gil Zabarsky, and co-stars, Kate Flannery and Kathleen Littlefied. Chris, Gil, and Kathleen are all NYU Alumni. Mohamed’s review follows.

Tenured is a dark comedy from the minds of Chris Modoono and Gil Zabarsky. It follows the life of Ethan Collins, a teacher at an elementary school. Now, Ethan is not your typical teacher, as he often discusses his personal matters to his students in lieu of a lesson plan, swears to his co-workers and supervisors, and show no real desire to behave like an educator. Ethan is facing possible termination from the school for his work ethic and attitude, as well as dealing with his wife recently breaking it off.

The film is very similar in tone to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Bad Education, most notably the latter. Tenured is full of deadpan and dark humor, and all the performances of all the actors, including the Ethan’s students, were magnificent. The Motion Picture Club recommends seeing this teacher themed theatrical when you’re all out of classes.


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