Special Edition NYC 2015

By: David Caneppa


For the 2nd consecutive year, the creators of the New York Comic Con have brought their exclusive comic convention, Special Edition NYC. I was given the opportunity to attend once again this year and I must say, it was bigger than last year with more attendees and even a different venue.


Lets begin with the venue itself. Last years convention took place at the home of NYCC, the Javitts Center; more specifically, the Artist Alley area. This year, Special Edition found a new home at Pier 94. Pier 94 has been home to a variety of events such as concerts, party events and even the first Wizard world convention; so it wasn’t out of the ordinary to have a convention there. Overall, the venue itself did provide a broader space for Special Edition. Personally, I do prefer the Javitts Center over Pier 94, but I can understand why the move was necessary and it was a beautiful view to witness once the convention was over. Nothing ends a convention like having a view over the water.


Now for the convention itself, it definitely was bigger than last year to say the least. There were more artists, more writers, more vendors and ore importantly, more GUESTS! The convention saw a bigger attendance than last year. Now, some will make the argument that one of the reasons for the turn out was due to the convention selling some passes to NYCC 2015. However, I would argue that granted that may have been a reason, I would say as I mentioned last year that a convention strictly devoted to comics and not Hollywood itself is something many fans have been asking for. Now that a convention solely focusing on comics exist, it allows those who would like not only more background to these films/TV shows, but also those who enjoy the creative and the origins of the characters will now see in live action films.


This year’s Special Edition: NYC definitely topped last years. It provided that traditional Comic Con feel with all the signings, meet and greets and the panels. As the years go buy, I can envision this convention getting to the point of a traditional Comic Con. It may take years, but someday soon it will get there. I look forward to seeing how Special Edition will expand next year.


Anthony Zangrillo is the President and Owner of the Motion Picture Club. While an undergraduate student at NYU, he founded the Motion Picture Club. At the Fordham University School of Law, he was the Online Editor of the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal and started the IPLJ Podcast, which continues recording to this day. You can find him on Instagram: @anthony_mpc.


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