Today is the day, ladies and gents, the day for both people who are in a passionate love affair with their bed or fear being trampled to death on Black Friday. It is Cyber Monday! So call up your bank and get your credit card debt figured out because there are some killer deals out there today. One specific deal that has myself and my wallet’s full attention is the Dark Horse sale on Comixology. Thirty of their best titles published in 2015 all in one place, all for $3 a collection. God, help me, I’m drooling just thinking about it. Sorry for that mental image, didn’t mean to distract from the point of this post. I’m here to show you what to buy on with my Top 5 Cyber Monday 2015 Dark Horse Deals!

1. ARCHIE VS PREDATOR by Alex de Campi and Fernando Ruiz



Hey, comic book readers, I know you’re loving the new Archie relaunch. Mark Waid and a rotating cast of artists including Fiona Staples and Annie Wu? Check. Cute romantic plot? Check. Brutal massacre of the citizens of Riverdale? Oh, hell no! de Campi and Ruiz flawlessly blend the teenage bliss world of Archie with the danger and brutality of Predator. This is a comic which doesn’t pull any punches and no apologies are given. ARCHIE VS PREDATOR is bloody, good fun and a great addition to your growing teenybopper/80s horror comic library.

2. BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT by Frank Miller and Geoff Darrow



Listen, I get it, you’re reading Dark Knight III right now and that’s about as much of Miller you think you can take. The good news is that you can take more and BIG GUY AND RUSTY THE BOY ROBOT is just the comic for you. With beautiful art by Geoff Darrow, this is a story about giant reptile attacks and the robots that defend the earth from them. I won’t go into details because spoilers are as evil as giant reptile attackers but this is a must buy for any fans of Darrow or Miller or good ol’ fashioned robot comics.

3. EI8HT VOL 1: OUTCAST by Mike Johnson and Rafael Albuquerque

ei8ht volume 1 outcast


It’s always a special book when two creators you’re a fan of collaborate and that’s no exception with EI8HT from Mike Johnson and Rafael Albuquerque. Are you looking for a hard sci-fi book about time travel? Are you looking for a comic with one of the most interesting use of inking? Go pick up this book because guess what? Your brain will appreciate it, your heart will appreciate it, you will appreciate this comic.

4. HELLBOY AND THE B.P.R.D: 1952 by Mike Mignola and Alex Maleev



Ever think you want more Mignola-written Hellboy without the whole, “He’s dead, he’s in hell, the book is now literally called HELLBOY IN HELL”? Well, good news, Mignola created HELLBOY AND THE B.P.R.D. to be a series that looks at the early days of Hellboy and the very first missions of the B.P.R.D. One of the coolest aspect is that for every arc, there is a rotating group of artists. The first arc, 1952, has Alex Maleev drawing the big red guy for the first time where there are confrontations with drunken priests, creepy monkeys, and Nazis in South America. Tell me that doesn’t make you want to spend $3.

5. LADY KILLER by Jamie S. Rich and Joelle Jones



Here’s a concept for you: loving housewife to a devoted husband with two young, twin daughters who happens to be one of the world’s top assassins. One of the most critically-acclaimed books of this year, it was a sleeper hit that was extremely difficult to find in local shops issue by issue. Turning the 50s’ housewife trope on its head and using extreme levels of violence to tell a genuine story about a woman who wants the best for her family and will kill for it was a huge risk and it payed off with LADY KILLER. And with a cliffhanger that screams sequel, I can tell you this book had me on the edge of my seat when I read the series. 10/10, LADY KILLER is a must buy for any comic book fan that appreciates great storytelling with art that perfectly matches the narrative.


My honorable mentions section consists of books I have yet to read and I’m personally picking up on Monday.

  • HEART IN A BOX – I’m a huge fan of Kelly Thompson’s work on JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS right now. Her ability to tell stories with developed, human characters is extremely alluring to me and damn it, I need more of her work!
  • APOCALYPTIGIRL: AN ARIA FOR THE END TIMES – Go Google Andrew Maclean right now. You won’t regret it.
  • RATGOD – I couldn’t tell you what the plot is on this one and I’m not getting it off Wikipedia. The cover of this comic series terrifies me, genuinely gives me the goosebumps. Goosebumps has never failed me in a comic purchase before.
  • SERENITY: LEAVES ON THE WIND – All prior Dark Horse/Serenity books have taken place before Firefly or acted as an intro to Serenity. This is the first true Firefly sequel since the release of Serenity and I need to know what happens to my favorite space characters of all time.

PURCHASE: Check out the entire list of Dark Horse deals at Comixology!

So there you have it folks, these are my recommendations for reading material from the Dark Horse sale on today! Any books I missed are just things I haven’t gotten to yet but you should check them out regardless.  But maybe Dark Horse isn’t your cup of tea, I get that. Comixology has Cyber Monday deals with other publishers as well!

  • DC Comics is having a Buy One Get One Free sale on! My recommendations have to be The Dark Knight Returns and Batman: Hush. There’s never enough Batman, never.
  • Viz is having a sale where 10 of their best titles are $4.99 each! I know you’ve been hearing a lot about Tokyo Ghoul lately so here is your chance to get started!
  • Marvel is having a sale on their Black Vortex event! You get X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Nova! ON SALE!
  • Image Comics is having a 50% off sale and you know what that means? It means you should finally go check out Saga and Southern Bastards or my personal favorite, No Mercy! has all of your comics needs this Cyber Monday! Check out the master list HERE! Happy shopping, everyone!




Matt Murphy

Matthew Murphy was born in Yonkers, New York in 1992 to an Irish-Catholic, hockey-loving family. At age 15, his lazy eye caught site of an Ultimates trade paperback and life was never the same. In May 2014, he graduated from Manhattanville College with a Bachelor's degree in Communications. When he's not reading comic books or writing about them, he is at a 9-5 job to fund an online shopping addiction.

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