Girl Band Review

by: Andres Eloy Sereno Hernandez

edited by: Anthony Zangrillo


Written and directed by Cailin Lowry, Kerry Furrh and Olivia Mitchell, “Girl Band”is  a fascinating short film that features the morning, when four friends start their long-anticipated road-trip to Los Angeles . However, some obstacles get in the way, among them, lovers, family and even an emotional outburst.


The characters are relatable, honest and unfiltered.  The creative team made great casting decisions. In the feature, the girls exhibit an unwavering passion towards future superstar careers. Nothing and no one will interfere with these attainable dreams.  This is what the creators wanted; they came up with this concept because of the lack of representation of young girls with minds set on a career in the entertainment industry. And it’s true; if you see a young girl in TV it’s very likely that her world spins around the male lead. Not in Girl Band.

The directors met at college. Kerry Furrh directed a music video for Olivia Mitchell’s YouTube channel while they were freshmen at USC. A couple years later, Cailin Lowry watched all of the videos Kerry shot for Olivia and loved them; Olivia and Kerry were also fascinated by Cailin’s humor blog. Finally, after Cailin and Kerry met in a film class, the trio began their inseparable friendship leading them to combine their talents and work together in Girl Band.


“Hey it’s Girl Band!” is not only a concept; there’s an entire universe created for it with soundtrack and social media. The Idea behind Girl Band is to develop an actual band and put their road to success on TV.  Olivia is the mastermind behind Girl Band’s music; she wrote the lyrics and produced the songs. Fun Fact: Olivia and the actresses actually sing in the songs.

With over 2900 short films submitted this year, Tribeca Film Festival picked Girl Band for its California Dreaming short section.  It obviously stands out, because of its combination of girl empowerment and comedic themes.  The girls didn’t even think about submitting the film to the Tribeca Film Festival until after it was finished. For them, it was a shot in the dark, because it wasn’t intended to just be a short.


This film wasn’t and still is not the goal for the trio; it was done as a proof of concept for a TV show.  The creative team has been working on Girl Band since their final year in college, and after unsuccessfully trying to pitch it, they decided to go for it and shoot a pilot. This is their first film, and I dare to say that at the end, you will be left with the desire to witness the next series of events for these young girls in infamous L.A. I can not wait for the future of this project.

We at Motion Picture Club had the pleasure to talk with the creators and one of the lead actresses, take a look:



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