Lethal Weapon “Surf ‘n Turf” Review

Lethal Weapon “Surf ‘n Turf” Review

By: James Gisante

Lethal Weapon is continuing to be a fun ride even if it’s second episode was slightly repetitive. “Surf N Turf” hit a few of the same notes that the premiere did, but considering we’re still getting acquainted to these versions of the characters and the story that’s to be expected this early in the show’s run. Thankfully, despite some of the repetition the story did see some progress and the most important aspect of the show, the Riggs and Murtaugh relationship, continued to grow at a natural pace.
Once again, not enough can be said of Clayne Crawford’s performance as Martin Riggs. His pain and inability to move forward with his life is played perfectly without ever feeling forced or over the top. His journey of healing is clearly going to drive the emotional heart of the show and allowing the Murtaugh clan in as his own surrogate family is taking the right amount of necessary steps for his growth to feel earned. Jordana Brewster’s Dr. Cahill is going to have a lot of work ahead of her trying to break through to Riggs and the show is doing a decent job of showing her relentlessness in trying to crack through the emotional walls he’s put up, even if one of those walls is the plot of the movie Airplane.
On the Murtaugh side of things, Roger isn’t the only one coming to grips with his new partner, as his wife Trish is starting to realize that her husband’s life is going to be a lot more at risk with Riggs around. In the movies, Mrs. Murtaugh was a huge factor in Roger’s acceptance of Martin and here the roles have been slightly reversed with Trish being understandably hesitant in accepting her husband’s new ways. Keesha Sharp is doing a fantastic job of not only portraying a tough yet lovable wife, but someone who can easily stand as an equal to both Roger and Martin.
Also continuing from last week is the further differing portrayal of Murtaugh than what was seen in the movies. While Riggs has been a relatively faithful adaption compared to his movie counterpart, this Murtaugh is much more hip and eager than the original. It was a change that I was unsure of at first, but Damon Wayans does such a good job of bringing the character to life that the changes are more than palatable.
The case of the week was somewhat basic with a dirty cop turned arms dealer chasing after his pregnant ex-girlfriend. The case itself wasn’t anything extraordinary but it did do a great job of bringing Riggs’ personal issues to light for Murtaugh as he finally found out that not only did Martin lose his wife, but his unborn child as well. Roger learning the true depths of Martin’s losses was handled as well as to be expected with the family man in him finding a new sympathy for the broken man he’s now calling partner.
If Lethal Weapon continues to deliver at the rate it has been, Fox’s new series might prove to be one of the best new Fall shows. The new adventures of Riggs and Murtaugh are proving to be a delight and continuing to track the destruction of Roger’s car is a fun game in and of itself.

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