Unforgettable is the latest thriller to hit theaters that stars Rosario Dawson as Julia Banks and Katherine Heigl as Tessa Connover. Unforgettable tells us the story of Tessa having a psychological break over seeing her ex-husband David (Geoff Stults) move on with his life and start a new marriage with Julia.


Throughout the film, we see Julia’s troubled past with an abusive boyfriend and her dealing with PTSD because of her past relationship. As the film progress, we also get a look at how Tessa is dealing with her divorce. She comes from wealth and lives a very “Stepford” lifestyle with a mother who comes to visit only to be overly critically of her and continuously reminds her of how she always has to mess things up for herself. Because of this, we see Tessa continuously try to obstruct the relationship between Julia and David by going as far as making herself trip down a flight of stairs, while claiming that it was Julia who caused the incident. She even creates a fake social media account in order to bring Julia’s abusive ex-boyfriend back into her life that doesn’t end well for either woman.

This film can be compared to the 2009 film Obsessed, starring Idris Elba, Beyonce and Ali Carter. Obviously, the difference between the two is that this film involves an ex-wife being the psychotic person instead of just some random stalker. Although the concept of the film is interesting, the film does lack the suspense aspect that films within the genre normally utilize. The film also suffers from a lack of backstory for Tessa and how she came to be the way she is. Granted, we do receive some information of Tessa’s mental history, the film could’ve made the information deeper in order to benefit the audience.

Performances for this film were nothing short of great but the standout star of the film would have to be Katherine Heigl. Her performance was absolutely outstanding throughout the whole film. Ms. Heigl definitely put her greatest talents into this role, which can now open new doors for her in a variety of suspense and horror genre films.


Score: 6/10


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