Simran (Review)

Simran Review

By Inakshi Chandra-Mohanty

There is a moment in Simran when Praful Patel (Kangana Ranaut) researches how to rob banks on the internet. In one of the videos, a man states that robbing a bank is easy as making a cup of coffee.

Though completely ridiculous, this scene made me burst into laughter. Simran is full of scenes like this: scenes that are absurd yet so comical that you can’t help falling in love with Praful.

Praful is a divorcée who works in hotel housekeeping. After developing a gambling addiction during a trip to Las Vegas, she falls on hard times, which leads her to take up crime in order to make ends meet.

The storyline of Simran is, on the surface, intriguing and unique. However, it is weaved together in an imperfect, convoluted way.  Simran suffers from a weak script. The writers don’t introduce the main storyline until late in the film, and as a result, the film lags. We can only rely on the strength of Ranaut’s performance to hold the film together.

Hansal Mehta, who made a strong impression with films like Aligarh and Shahid, disappoints in his direction of Simran. There are too many unnecessary scenes dedicated to establishing the main character. A combination of flimsy writing and ineffective direction make this film a dull and empty experience.

Despite these flaws, Ranaut and Apurva Asrani, the writers, do deserve credit for creating such a delightful character. The character of Praful, as well as Ranaut’s portrayal, are what keep this film alive.

Rating: 4/10

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