Power Season 5 Premiere

Power Season 5 Premiere at Radio City

June 28 at 7:30pm

1260 6th Ave, New York, NY 10020

RSVP Link: http://www.gofobo.com/POWERNYUMP

First come, first serve, not guaranteed entry. Bring student ID.

Please note that you must be 17 years old and up (with student + state ID) to attend this premiere.


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Anthony Zangrillo is the President and Owner of the Motion Picture Club. While an undergraduate student at NYU, he founded the Motion Picture Club. At the Fordham University School of Law, he was the Online Editor of the Fordham Intellectual Property, Media & Entertainment Law Journal and started the IPLJ Podcast, which continues recording to this day. You can find him on Instagram: @anthony_mpc.

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